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Top 10 Features That Women Find Sexy

Let’s be honest, we work out in the gym to look good, not just for ourselves, but to be as attractive as humanly possible. What guy doesn’t love a girl checking him out? Fact is, we all instinctively make judgments quickly based on appearances. Would you like to know what features drive women wild?

Let’s reveal where a women’s eyes go first. According to new studies, these are the answers, and some of you guys out there may be surprised….

Hot blonde posing with sexy guy, close-up

1. Buttocks – That’s right guys, she’s all about that bass! Women like a good, firm ass as much as we guys do. They love a nice curve and all agree that the shape is what is most important.

Fit body of shirtless man with tape measure

2. Slimness – Most men in the reverse poll thought muscular arms would be at #2, yet that feature (gasp) didn’t even make the top ten. Although strong arms are traditionally a sign of an alpha male, times are changing and men are now under pressure to stay thin. (HUH?) Women have obviously lost their minds since they now pick the Ryan Goslings over the Jean-Claude Van Dammes. Maybe it’s just a phase, but arms are out and thin is in. I can’t believe I just typed those words.

Thumbs up for a beach body

3. Flat stomach – Well, this reminds me of #2, yet I’m guessing we can finally talk about a six-pack? Women definitely want to stroke their fingers down your abs and not see the Pillsbury Dough Boy. They also seemed to agree that sitting around drinking beer and playing video games isn’t sexy. Wait…no more GTA???

Young man coverin eye

4. Eyes – This is way more popular than most of us guys realize. But, I mean, we all like a pair of sexy eyes looking at us. So, it’s not that crazy. Women claim they are all about some soulful peepers. And, again, Mr. Gosling tips the charts, with Bradley Cooper not far behind. If only I had played the lead in The Notebook…the world would be a better place.


5. Long legs – Okay, well this one I can’t help. Being 5’7″, my legs are not long by any “stretch” of the word. But, needless to say, women dig a man who has a nice stride in his walk and additionally men who are taller. I totally lose this category. Time to invest in stilts.

Giant love

6. Height/Tallness – Wait one freaking second. Wasn’t this #5? Obviously not. There must be a bunch of short guys with long legs running around somewhere. The average height for men is 5’8″ and for women it’s 5’4″. The good news is that many women just want a man taller than they are, even when they’re in heels.

Stylist Drying Hair Of A Male Client

7. Hair – Don’t freak out just yet. Some women don’t mind a bald head on the right guy (think: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). But, women definitely enjoy hair in general. They want to run their fingers through it, pull on it during sex and they also said it needs to have a great style. No worries if you’re thinning, there are some really great all-natural hair loss solutions you can use to get it back!

lipstick on man neck

8. Neck – Seriously? I would have never thought about this one at all. No wonder men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Women like a good neck for some hot nuzzling. They like a man who smells good and has a rough edge of stubble. Women agree there is something very masculine about the male neck. Who knew?

couple in bathroom

9. Penis – I was beginning to wonder is this was even going to make the list! It appears our manhood is overrated by us. While there’s no doubt it’s important, many women actually aren’t mega concerned with the way it looks. They care about how it performs more than aesthetics. So, it’s okay to have a compact car with a dent on the side as long as it drives like nobody’s business.

Handsome muscular man shirtless wearing white pants over black background

10. Muscular chest/shoulders – I would have bet my paycheck this would have beat out the neck. Still scratching my head over that one. In reverse polls, many men thought this would be women’s #1 pick. Not so. I hate to break it, but it appears many women don’t like the hyper-muscular, steroids, work out 10 times a week look. They do love muscles (sigh of relief), but the real issue for them is that they don’t want a man who spends more time admiring his biceps than they do.

Just remember, this doesn’t account for every woman out there. Obviously, no one is created equal and my opinion of hot (Rachael Leigh Cook…oh yes, oh yes indeed), may not be your opinion of hot. We all have different tastes of what is sexually attractive to us. You have people with red-head fetishes and then others who are anti-gingers. You just never know, so my advice is to be YOU and the right person is gonna dig you hardcore.

Tristan "Lucky"

Written by: Tristan “Lucky”

10 Valentine’s Gifts For Yourself

As Buddha once said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” This V-day it’s time to pamper yourself, not just your significant other.

This holiday is becoming more and more a day people resent. The over expensive dinners at restaurants with “special” menus, the flowers that cost 3x the normal price, the teddy bear holding chocolates in a heart-shaped box for $75. Give me a freaking break. I’m one of the lucky guys that has a girlfriend who agrees this day is ridiculous. I’m probably a lone wolf among many other guys out there who are about to dump out your wallets in the name of love.

For all of us men (single or taken), here are 10 man-tastic ideas to give yourself some self-love this holiday.


1. Get Lucky Dice: So, basically, this is a two-way gift. You can give it to your gal and get a gift in return. If you’re single, I’d probably skip to #2 unless you want to be a creepy guy walking around with these in his pocket.  Instead of a cheap pair from Spencer’s, I vote for this sweet set with a nice masculine edge. $39 and they’re yours!


2. Wood Watch: One thing that I’m seeing everywhere now is wood. Wood sunglasses, wood watches…even wood pencils. Crazy! I’m digging this little trend and think every guy needs a woody. Slap one on for $70 and watch time fly.


3. The Inspirational Paperweight: Sounds kinda cheese, but this thing could be a great addition to your desk or dresser. It is a handy tool to remind yourself to be bold, be playful, be creative…be motivational and buy it for $65.


4. Secret Message Wallet Bottle Opener: I just think this is badass. You can tell yourself something like, “You’re looking spectacular, man” or even give yourself a pep-talk message like, “Get to the gym, beast.” The best part? After you read the message you can pop open a bottle of a tasty beverage. Say cheers for only $15. Score!


5. Chocolate-Covered Bacon: Do I need to say more other than the word BACON? I think not. Chow down for $10.


6. Cactus plant: Not sure about you, but I’d rather have a cactus garden opposed to a vase full of roses. Treat yourself with a desert plant that is hard to kill even for the blackest of thumbs. Get prickly for around $10.


7. The Man Can: This is what I can a manly bath set. You get scrubbin’ soap, spicy shaving gel, bay rum oil, hand butter and a mitt all stored in a rockin’ paint can. Fresh, manly scents for $50.


8. Ooma Bowl: Okay, every man, woman and child needs one of these things. You no longer need a table, heck, you can eat while going on a walk. It’s an ergonomically designed bowl with double-chambers that you can hold in one hand while only paying $25 with the other.


9. Fixie Pizza Cutter: It’s finally cheat day and you are going to treat yourself to a meat pie. Instead of grabbing a knife or one of the typical pizza cutters, grab the fixie and take a ride on your pie. You can have a pre-workout before digging in for only $24.


10. Razor Pit Sharpener: There’s almost nothing worse than shaving with a dull blade. I cringe at the mere thought. This handy-dandy gadget cleans and sharpens your razors. This isn’t just good on the skin, it helps you save money in the long run with a tiny up front cost of $25.

Of course, there are hundreds of more items you can pick out for yourself. This is just a little start-list guide to get you thinking about treating yourself on that magical day of love.

Tristan "Lucky"

Written by: Tristan “Lucky”

Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive and Lower Your Testosterone

Have you found yourself going to bed without an urge for some sexual relief more than usual? It might be something you ate. These days, more men suffer from decreased sex drives than ever before and some of the major culprits are as simple as what you’re putting in your mouth.

Foods can negatively impact your libido, especially as your age, so it’s vital to limit or get these ball breakers off your plate. T levels affect sexual desire, so anything that depletes your hormone (“man-mone”) levels can eventually kill your sex drive.



5. Soy – Don’t worry about getting “man boobs” if you have small, irregular amounts of soy in your diet, but excess amounts of the legume-derived products (soy milk, tofu, edamame) can drastically reduce the levels of testosterone in the blood and decrease your libido, according to a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researches found that men who consumed 120 mg of soy a day had a decrease in testosterone. If you’re working on becoming a dad, make sure you cut down or delete it entirely from your diet since it can lower sperm count.


4. Graham Crackers – Surprised? I was too. When Dr. Sylvester Graham created Dr. Graham’s Honey Biskets in 1829, he believed the graham meal would suppress carnal desires (i.e. masturbation).

Any refined carbohydrates, such as those loaded into graham crackers, can still wreak havoc on a man’s intimate time between the sheets. Excess refined carbs (bleached white flour) can kill T levels. Sugars from refined carbs will not only make you gain weight, but can raise your estrogen levels and deplete T levels. So, if I were you, I’d lower your intake of S’mores.


3. Alcohol – I’m being serious. I know this is a tough one. A little here and there never hurt anyone’s lust, but surprisingly, overindulging can bring things down by the end of the night.

Sex coaches are really big on this known fact and sex therapist, David Yarian, tells us, “Too much alcohol, too much rich food-too much food in general-is going to make the person sleepy and not that interested.” Another coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, Amy Levine, advises to “work on having two to three drinks max if you want to be ready later.”


1. Meat containing hormones (especially red meat) – Foods that contain added hormones or antibiotics are a huge sex offender by unbalancing a man’s natural hormones when consumed in excess. For some, certain foods can even affect secretions like semen, sweat, urine and breath, according to Amy Levine.

Overall, red meat has its pluses when consumed as grass fed beef with no hormones. You can then embrace the awesome-ness of red meat by gaining muscle and zapping fat if you also opt for leaner cuts.


1. Eating in excess – This is the #1 sex drive killer for any man. The worst food that a man can have for his sex drive is too much of it. Diet accelerates the aging process. Anyone carrying extra weight from ages 35 to 60 is accelerating the aging process. Midsection increase is probably the number one reason
for lost sex drive. A good diet equals good sex.

Tristan "Lucky"





Written by: Tristan “Lucky”

7 Ways Exercise Helps Your Sex Life

working out helps your sex life

If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom (the shower, living room floor, or kitchen counter), it can be as simple as lacing up your running shoes. Staying in shape doesn’t just help you look better, it can make you a Don Juan between the sheets.

“Physical fitness absolutely effects the physical intensity and quality of sex,” says Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide. Research shows that exercise boots your testosterone levels, increases blood flow to your manhood, and even improves your orgasms.

Let’s get down and dirty and share 7 ways that your workout could pay off between the sheets.

1. It Boosts Blood Flow

The more you exercise, the healthier your arteries – including the ones that help you pitch a tent. The better your blood flow, the stronger your erection. Plain and simple.

2. It Boosts Testosterone

Pumping iron boosts up your levels of testosterone. A Baylor University study found that men’s T levels were highest during the 48 hours they lifted weights.

In general, staying fit can help your T levels from going down the tubes. Interestingly, a study conducted by the New England Research Institute documented that a guy’s waist size correlates with his testosterone levels. They found that a waist circumference larger than 41 inches was a better predictor of low T levels than overall weight.

3. It Helps You Stand at Attention

Before you hit the Viagra, try hitting the gym instead. Studies show that exercise can cause men to have sex more often, and it can help keep them up and ready for action. In one study of 31,000 men, Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that those who exercised vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes a day were 30% less likely to report having erectile dysfunction.

4. It Improves Your Stamina

To put it bluntly, the better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll last in bed. “In most sex positions, the man needs to push, so he needs to have strong back muscles,” says Nasserzadeh. Plus, when you’re fit, your ejaculation lasts longer, she adds. If you’re wanting to get creative, you need more than strong back muscles…and you definitely want to try out some of those delightful Kama Sutra moves.

5. It Improves Flexibility

While trying out new sex positions might require some imagination, seeing how you can pull a muscle in the process definitely dims the sparks. If you want to get kinky and spice up your sex play, lengthening and strengthening exercises can help you contort your body to have her screaming “YESSSSSSSSSS!” To keep your muscles limber, yoga and Pilates are excellent options. Plus, it’s a great way to meet some potential, “flexible” dates.

6. It Gets You (and Her) Focused

A woman’s mind tends to wander during sex, whether it be on the kids, a grocery checklist, or a big meeting at work. Since emotions play such a large part in your lady getting turned on, drifting thoughts can lower sexual satisfaction. Luckily, exercising can help you get more in tune with your body and emotions in the moment. Your own improved focus allows you to better connect with your partner and keep her engaged.

7. It Makes You Feel Hot

Working out makes you look and feel great and that confidence carries over into the bedroom. If you are feeling unattractive, it inhibits your performance by your lack of confidence. It also doesn’t deliver what she wants. If you feel attractive, you feel confident, and that allows you to not feel inhibited with your gal. You want her to see and touch all of you, instead of wearing your shirt and pulling the blanket up to your waist.

Man and Woman at Gym

I don’t know many people, actually none, that don’t want a smoking hot sex life. We also want to pleasure our ladies to the point where they are bragging to all of their friends. If you think she is happy with your unfit body and this is a bunch of garbage, you’re highly mistaken. Women tend to love the inside, but the outside still matters. Men aren’t the only humans that have eyes. Women lust almost as much as we do, so give her a body that makes her want to jump you multiple times a day….instead of her fantasizing over Channing Tatum.


Tristan "Lucky"

Written by: Tristan “Lucky”



5 Dynamite Tips To Help Girls Understand Your Gym Relationship


It’s 6pm on a Friday and you just left work from a crazy long week. Your girlfriend texts you to see if you want to check out the new Vegan place downtown. Your first thought: I need MEAT. Your second thought: I need to TRAIN. You tell her that you can meet her around 8pm for a movie at her place…you’ll even watch The Other Woman or some other chick flick with her. Silence. There is no response until 6:22pm: “You love the gym more than you love me!” You let out a long sigh and just wish she could understand your lifestyle.

If this is you, here are 5 DYNAMITE TIPS to help her understand and help your relationship long-term.



I mean, you can’t compare a human being to a weight rack. Your girl needs to know that the love you have for her and the love you have for the gym are two totally different forms of love. Yes, they both fill a desire inside of you and both also come with a spectacular physical bonus (hopefully)! Yet, there is just no comparing. Don’t make her feel stupid, listen to her sincerely, and respond in a gentle way without being defensive….and, if you’re lucky, you might get more than popcorn during that movie. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*



You already keep a disciplined routine for the gym, but what about your girl? If she is feeling like you never have time for her, the best way to change her thinking is to officially make time for her. Definitely make sure to plan out one special date per week. Doesn’t have to cost you a fortune…girls just want quality time with their man. If you don’t know already, find out her interests and try to find things she would enjoy. You may even have to suck it up and try out that new vegan restaurant. My tip? Eat some meat before you head out the door to the land of organic heirloom tomatoes over local grown arugula.



woman touching abs

Remind her that if weren’t for your dedication to working out, those biceps, abs and chest she can’t get enough of would disappear *POOF*. Let her know that working out increases your testosterone and allows you to have better stamina in bed to please and satisfy her. Ask her, “would you really want me to turn into a fluffy dough boy that can barely get an erection? I think not.” Also, let her know that while you do this for you, it is also very important that you look your very best for HER too.



lazy people at gym

Your dedication and loyalty to the gym should have her rest assured you’re a guy who is stable and disciplined. You’re a keeper. Tell her about how you don’t quit, you overcome challenges and are in it for the long haul. The gym helps you stay focused and challenged in life so you don’t become some slacker that has zero motivation, no goals, and is not worthy of someone like her. You are a man that has confidence and knows how to stand on his own with an amazing girl like her by his side. You’re ROCK SOLID, in more ways than one.



I in Team

What about your wants and desires? Don’t they count for something? Let her know that working out is important to you and just like she would want your support for her goals in life, you expect the same in return. This isn’t a one-way street. Reverse the situation and let her see it from a different perspective. Tell her how it would mean a lot to you if she was proud of your progress and was your biggest fan, since she’s yours. A healthy relationship is a team effort and you both have to be each other’s biggest supporters.

In a nutshell, women simply need to feel validated and important. If you can make sure to treat her the way she deserves outside of the gym, then she will most likely respect your time to yourself inside of the gym. The last thing you want is her feeling like your cheating on her with a weight rack. A relationship won’t last if either person is selfish and it really is about giving and taking. Prove to her that you really can be her superman.

Tristan "Lucky"

Written by: Tristan “Lucky” – your dating expert