7 Ways Exercise Helps Your Sex Life

working out helps your sex life

If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom (the shower, living room floor, or kitchen counter), it can be as simple as lacing up your running shoes. Staying in shape doesn’t just help you look better, it can make you a Don Juan between the sheets.

“Physical fitness absolutely effects the physical intensity and quality of sex,” says Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide. Research shows that exercise boots your testosterone levels, increases blood flow to your manhood, and even improves your orgasms.

Let’s get down and dirty and share 7 ways that your workout could pay off between the sheets.

1. It Boosts Blood Flow

The more you exercise, the healthier your arteries – including the ones that help you pitch a tent. The better your blood flow, the stronger your erection. Plain and simple.

2. It Boosts Testosterone

Pumping iron boosts up your levels of testosterone. A Baylor University study found that men’s T levels were highest during the 48 hours they lifted weights.

In general, staying fit can help your T levels from going down the tubes. Interestingly, a study conducted by the New England Research Institute documented that a guy’s waist size correlates with his testosterone levels. They found that a waist circumference larger than 41 inches was a better predictor of low T levels than overall weight.

3. It Helps You Stand at Attention

Before you hit the Viagra, try hitting the gym instead. Studies show that exercise can cause men to have sex more often, and it can help keep them up and ready for action. In one study of 31,000 men, Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that those who exercised vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes a day were 30% less likely to report having erectile dysfunction.

4. It Improves Your Stamina

To put it bluntly, the better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll last in bed. “In most sex positions, the man needs to push, so he needs to have strong back muscles,” says Nasserzadeh. Plus, when you’re fit, your ejaculation lasts longer, she adds. If you’re wanting to get creative, you need more than strong back muscles…and you definitely want to try out some of those delightful Kama Sutra moves.

5. It Improves Flexibility

While trying out new sex positions might require some imagination, seeing how you can pull a muscle in the process definitely dims the sparks. If you want to get kinky and spice up your sex play, lengthening and strengthening exercises can help you contort your body to have her screaming “YESSSSSSSSSS!” To keep your muscles limber, yoga and Pilates are excellent options. Plus, it’s a great way to meet some potential, “flexible” dates.

6. It Gets You (and Her) Focused

A woman’s mind tends to wander during sex, whether it be on the kids, a grocery checklist, or a big meeting at work. Since emotions play such a large part in your lady getting turned on, drifting thoughts can lower sexual satisfaction. Luckily, exercising can help you get more in tune with your body and emotions in the moment. Your own improved focus allows you to better connect with your partner and keep her engaged.

7. It Makes You Feel Hot

Working out makes you look and feel great and that confidence carries over into the bedroom. If you are feeling unattractive, it inhibits your performance by your lack of confidence. It also doesn’t deliver what she wants. If you feel attractive, you feel confident, and that allows you to not feel inhibited with your gal. You want her to see and touch all of you, instead of wearing your shirt and pulling the blanket up to your waist.

Man and Woman at Gym

I don’t know many people, actually none, that don’t want a smoking hot sex life. We also want to pleasure our ladies to the point where they are bragging to all of their friends. If you think she is happy with your unfit body and this is a bunch of garbage, you’re highly mistaken. Women tend to love the inside, but the outside still matters. Men aren’t the only humans that have eyes. Women lust almost as much as we do, so give her a body that makes her want to jump you multiple times a day….instead of her fantasizing over Channing Tatum.


Tristan "Lucky"

Written by: Tristan “Lucky”