6 Lame Excuses for Skipping the Gym

We all know guys who would still go to the gym after losing a leg walking through a blizzard at 2am. But, most of us are not quite that dedicated. For many of us, our lives can sometimes get in the way. On some days, it  feels impossible to balance the gym with everything else in our lives.

The fact remains, health is a priority and we have to make time for the gym. While there are some valid excuses, there are some very, very lame ones as well.

I’ve got 6 for you right here:


It’s too cold outside: I’ve heard the chanting, “If I can’t wear shorts, I’m not going to the gym.” One big issue,  is the fact that the sun goes down much earlier during the winter months. Some people prefer to workout later in the day and it’s hard to feel motivated in the dark. 5pm feels like 8pm and the imagined sense of exhaustion kicks in. Too many times, you may end up going home and eating dinner in front of the fireplace watching Netflix. Don’t give in. The best way to beat the cold is to get your body moving, your blood flowing and your temperature rising.


I’m beyond tired: Whether you didn’t get much sleep last night, work is causing mega stress or you and your girl are having a rough patch…you may just feel too worn out to workout. Fighting the urge to put on your pj’s rather than gym gear is tough, but getting to the gym is well worth the reward. Remember, the gym helps to relieve stress, increase endorphins, and no one ever said, “I regret that workout.”


I’m hungover as f*ck: You had a crazy night out partying it up and your body feels like absolute hell. After a night of heavy drinking, your body needs anywhere from a few hours to a whole day of recovery. If you’re making trips to worship the porcelain god, stay home. Nobody wants you vomiting on the weight rack. I’m not telling you not to have fun, but you need to choose whether you want to be healthy or want to be completely blitzed out. You can’t have both.


I need to do laundry: I’ve literally heard this excuse more times than I can count. All of your gym clothes are dirty and you have nothing to wear. At this point, put on a pair of regular shorts and a t-shirt. If you don’t have your “special” gym clothes to wear, make do. Who cares if people give you a few stares? At least you made it there. This will also teach you to wash your clothes more often, son.


I’m out of pre-workout: Don’t even go there. You ran out of your “pump me up” and you’re afraid you won’t lift as heavy or as long. You know what’s worse than not getting into full beast mode? Not going to gym. Real beasts workout no matter what. Sure, pre-workout helps, but it isn’t required. It’s definitely not an excuse to skip.


I don’t have time: You picked a gym that is a 15-minute drive from your house and on days you feel lazy, you start adding up the time in your head…let’s see, 15 there, 15 back, 60 minute workout….a whole 1 hour and 30 minutes? I just can’t do that today. I don’t have time! The “time” excuse it the most popular. “I have a date tonight, I don’t have time.” “I’m working late tonight, I don’t have time.” “I have a test tomorrow, I don’t have time.” “My dog needs a bath, I don’t have time.” The list goes on and on and on. I have one simple solution: MAKE TIME.

These are just a few examples of excuses people make every single day to keep them from hitting the gym and reaching their goals. These are the same people that get frustrated when they look in the mirror and their muscles are shrinking and waistlines are expanding. No one can force you to do anything if you really don’t want to do it. We have to keep ourselves disciplined, not just with working out, but with everything in life in order to truly succeed.

Stop making excuses and start seeing results!

Tristan "Lucky"





Written by: Tristan “Lucky”