12 Signs You’re A Gym Rat

1. You get more excited about getting new supplements each month more than your paycheck.


2. You can add numbers by 5, 10, 25, and 45 extremely fast in your head.

3. You’ve looked at objects and thought, “I wonder if I can curl that?”


4. You do quick flexes in bathroom mirrors, tinted car windows and pretty much any reflective surface.

5. You schedule your social life around your workout hours.

6. You can rattle off Arnold quotes like it’s your first language.


7. You’re on a first name basis with every employee at your gym.

8. In fact, if you don’t tell the front desk you’re going on vacation, they file a missing person report.

9. You own more gym clothes than work clothes.

10. You have specific music playlists for certain lifts and maxing out.

11. You have more protein shakers than glasses in your house.


12. You’re the mayor of your gym on Foursquare.